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Last updated 22 Jun 2015

Welcome to the Canberra Chapter of the IBM Quarter Century Club. Here you will see our current Calendar of events and find out more about the Chapter, how to contact us and how to join the Chapter.

About the Canberra Chapter

The Canberra Chapter supports QCC members living in the Australian Capital Territory. Our one regular function of the year is the Annual Induction Dinner which is sponsored by IBM Australia Limited and to which all members of our Chapter and their partner are invited.

From time to time your Chapter may organise other social events. For more information please talk to our contact in the table below.


The IBM QCC Annual Induction Dinner is held in the November/December timeframe and is sponsored by IBM. All IBM QCC members and their partner in ACT are invited. You should receive an invitation from IBM roughly two months ahead of this event to which you will need to RSVP.


See Contacts page.


Anybody living in the ACT Australia who has qualified for the IBM Quarter Century Club is welcome to join our Chapter. The Chapter has both present and former employees of IBM Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world. You don't have to have qualified in Australia to become a member of the Chapter.

What's New

Updated Details
13 June 2008 Moved contact details to new Contacts page.
4Mar 2006 Replaced calendar table with Annual Induction Dinner text.
Added boarder to banner.
Added What's New table.

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